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FrankZ 'slinging seriously delicious hot dogs' in Frankfort


FRANKFORT, MI - They just opened for their NINTH season, and we are so proud of our good friend Joey Barcheski and the whole crew at FrankZ in Frankfort.

They've been slinging seriously delicious hot dogs at this bustling spot with smiles and laughs, growing into quite the destination in this popular beach town.

Joey dreamed of having his own restaurant since he was five years old, and after attending Albion College moved to Frankfort to make it happen. Known for his hot dogs, Joey has expanded several times, and now offers everything from fish tacos to Reuben egg rolls, and you can wash it all down with a local craft beer, cocktail, or glass of wine.

What FrankZ is probably most famous for is their MAN DIP.....and we'll tell you that once you have it, you will be a fan forever. Created when Joey was a student at Albion after a fun night, MAN DIP is exactly what you would expect a college kid to create, and it is glorious dumped over crispy fries or tortilla chips. You can even grab tubs to go.

Why is it called MAN DIP? Because it's the manliest dip out there, of course. Chock full of spicy sausage, green chiles, bright tomatoes, rich cream, and plenty of melty cheese, this special concoction must be experienced, just like a trip to FrankZ.

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FrankZ is located at 325 Main Street in downtown Frankfort.

See their menu and hours at

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